National Dialogue on Hybrid Rice


National Dialogue on Hybrid Rice-Harnessing Untapped Potential Edited By: Dr.Syed A.B.Siddiqui Prof.Dr.A.M.Muazzam Husain Bangladesh Rice Foundation Dhaka The Bangladesh Rice Foundation (BRF) was established in 2002 as a non-stock, non-profit, private organization. BRF’s mission is to enhance and sustain the well-being of all people involved in the rice sector-the producers, workers, processors, traders, and consumers- through dissemination of research-based information, by conducting research where necessary, and playing advocacy roles in areas related to policies on rice. BRF recognizes the unique need for highlighting and preserving the rich national culture and heritage that is rooted in rice and promoting the associated tradition and values. Published by: Dr. Syed. A.B. Siddiqui Executive Director Bangladesh Rice Foundation Flat No: B-1, (1st Floor), House no:77 Block D, Road 5, Bashundhara R/A Mobile: 01755511182. Email: syedabsiddiqui@gmail.com National Dialogue on Hybrid Rice-Harnessing Untapped Potential 24th November 2018 Bangladesh Rice Foundation Dhaka, Bangladesh Acronyms ACI Advanced Chemical Industries BARC Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council BADC Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation BAU Bangladesh Agricultural University BSMRAU Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University BIDS Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies BLB Bacterial Leaf Blight BPH Brown Plant Hopper BRRI Bangladesh Rice Research Institute BRF Bangladesh Rice Foundation BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee BSA Bangladesh Seed Association CMS Cytoplasmic Male Sterility CEO Chief Executive Officer DG Director General GOB Government of Bangladesh GDP Gross Domestic Product GOB Government of Bangladesh HYV High Yielding Variety IAPP Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project IRGSP International Rice Genome Sequencing Project IRRI International Rice Research Institute NSB National Seed Board NGO Non-Governmental Organization R

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